Issues arising from poor performing roof systems, exterior wall systems, and waterproofing systems are a major cause of tenant complaints. From leaks to energy usage/efficiency can cause poor relations with tenants, degrade the value of real estate assets and can be costly in the form of loss rental revenue, unusable space, and resale opportunities.

Since our beginning, Pillar Building Solutions has assisted numerous building owners and managers solve moisture infiltration problems and thermal performance concerns; ensure that their new systems are being specified and installed properly; and that these systems provide maximum return on investment.

Pillar Building Solutions Can Provide Building owners and Managers with the following Services:

  • Roofing and waterproofing inspections and evaluations
  • Recommendations for solutions and systems
  • Review and write specifications
  • Recommend contractors, designers and consultants
  • LEED/Green building options
  • Budgeting and cost assistance