Kingspan Introduces SKY QUICK

SkyQuick metal framed skylights by Bristolite Daylighting Systems are high performance “custom units” with quick pricing, quick lead times and sky quickquick installation. Unlike most custom skylights that are site built, SkyQuick ships pre-assembled up to 8ft wide & pre-glazed (up to 6ft wide) for easy installation. Glazing options include Low-E glass as well as cutting edge technology like silica aerogel infill and prismatic/multiwall materials that reduce solar heat gain & improve U factors. Bristolite Daylighting Systems is the innovation leader in daylighting. Our Green Building Technology products incorporate state of the art technology into our daylighting solutions. And now with manufacturing locations in California, Texas and Georgia we are able to deliver even faster than ever with reduced transportation costs. SkyQuick is available in both standard and custom sizes at standard pricing. Finish options include mill, anodized, standard and custom fluoropolymer. It is available as Pyramids, Ridges, Hipped Ridges & Octagons. SkyQuick by Bristolite Daylighting Systems features: • AAMA Compliant Thermal Break Frame • Engineered Polymer Glazing Clip • One Piece Concealed Fastener Glazing Cap • Green Building Technology Glazing • Custom Sizes, Shapes & Finishes • High Performance Air & Water Resistance • Pre-Glazed & Pre-Assembled • Optional Hoisting Clips Available

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